To Do

  • Multiple languages

    Everyone speaks a different language so having multiple and the possibility of picking one would make the app more accessible for everyone..

    Feature Request
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In Progress

  • Changing the Favicon

    Making it possible for users to change their favicon..

    Feature Request
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  • Reactions on the Roadmap and Upvote

    Reacting with - likes, dislikes and etc will help both parties of understanding the problem better..

    Feature Request
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  • Changelog

    Create a changelog where we can post the newest product updates.

    Feature Request
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  • Desktop app - loading diffirent boards

    For now, our Desktop app can't load different boards. it should be possible to change them when we want..

    Feature Request
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  • Zapier integration

    Having all of Zapier's integration can help automate everything..

    Feature Request
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  • Privacy policy page

    Having a privacy policy page that is generated for each and every one of our clients will be better for GDPR..

    Feature Request
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